Ship Router
device will help you to easily setup and control Internet connections on your vessel.

Ship Router is a system with industry level of reliability, performance and unprecedented level of security.
It is not just a simple Internet gateway.

Ship Router is complete network infrastructure solution as it will replace complex network cabling with multiple routers, switches and access points. It will save enormous installation and maintenance hours.


Premium Hardware

High power WIFI Booster for long distance WIFI connectivity (15+ Nautical miles)
High power 4G/3G/2G module (30+ Nautical miles)
Load Balancing – combining Broadband Modem modules (up to 32 SIM cards on same and/or different operators with up to 3200 Mbps of download speed)
Multiple WAN ports for satellite Internet (VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium)
Modular rack or wall mount system

Multiple Vessel Networks

Mutiple Vessel Networks for different client groups (e.g. Guests, Crew, Navigation Equipment)
Simultaneous connection of each Vessel Newtork to same or different Internet source (e.g. Guests to multiple load balanced 3G/4G, Crew to VSAT, Navigation Equipment to Inmarsat)
Redundant automatic switching power supply modules

Advanced bandwidth control

Bandwidth limitation for each connected client (device) – independently of Hotspot controlling all devices.
Hotspot system with powerfull usage control (limits by time, data volume or both)

Automatic switching

Advanced autoswitching alghoritm (low cost route, high bandwidth route etc.)
Tailor-made algorithms on demand

Internet Usage Monitoring and Reporting

Powerful networking analytics in real time and history mode, providing insight deep into internet connections, users, services, target countries per device, per user, per service etc.
Data volume warnings and alarms
Automatic limits upon reaching defined usage

Network bonding

Mobile Network bonding (multiple SIM cards) for high data bandwidth:
– 200/400 Mbps on Dual/Quad SIM card systems
– up to 3200 Mbps on larger systems (e.g. Cruiser Package with 4G/LTE 32 SIM cards)


Automatic switching

Advanced autoswitching alghoritm (low cost route, high bandwidth route etc.)
Tailor-made algorithms on demand

Fleet Management

Ship Router system is superb platform for centralized monitoring and control of complete fleet. From a remote location you can monitor and control internet usage per client or connected device. Ship Router can be easiliy incorporated into ERP systems and used for Internet monetisation.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service It is reliable, secure and simple way to connect remotely (over the Internet) to your vessel equipped with Ship Router system. With Cloud Service you can easily connect to navigation and control systems, cameras, or any other devices that use TCP/IP networks.
When you are connecting to your vessel via Cloud Service, you can choose Internet connection route that you want to use. That is very important. For example, when you are connecting to your vessel cameras, you want to be sure that you are not connecting via expensive Inmarsat satellite connection. Instead, you will choose to connect via 3G/4G or WIFI connection.

Premium Service

Premium Service Agreement is comprehensive service recommended for fleets and includes following:
1. Support slot in maximum 24 hours upon request
2. Weekly remote analytics and configuration backup performed by highly skilled factory technicians.
3. Worldwide Shipping of preconfigured replacement hardware in maximum 48 hours upon diagnostic
4. Cloud Service
5. Hardware Warranty Extension during duration of Premium service.